Nonprofit Program Overview

ICI Events is dedicated to the growth and success of cybersecurity nonprofits and other nonprofits that contribute to community connectivity.  Toward that end, we want to drive membership and funding for your nonprofit through association with our events and through outreach to potential guests of the events.  We also want you to be FRONT and center at our events, not hidden away in a corner.

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We incentivize local nonprofits to reach out to our customers’ target audience and request their presence at our events.  You simply send an email or LinkedIn message, that ICI Events will help you construct, that tells targeted guests about your nonprofit and asks them to participate in upcoming ICI Events.  If they attend the event, we pay you a fee based upon when they registered.

Yes, there is additional opportunity for your nonprofit to get value from the events.  The nonprofits that register the most targeted guests will be invited to the show, where you will get to share your message on the mainstage with the whole audience, drive membership, and receive additional funds through the ICI Perks program.

For JUST the referral program you can make the following:

$250 for each cyber leader registered as a referral within two weeks of the opening of registration.  We can sell to sponsors more easily the sooner attendees register. 

$150 for each cyber leader registered as a referral 2-6 weeks from the opening of registration.

$100 for each cyber leader registered after this time.

The top 5 nonprofits will be invited to the event where we will give out additional dollars, through the ICI Perks Program.  The ICI Perks Program details will be available soon.

Actively Employed
The registrant must be actively employed at the company they register under and the title of the registrant must be one of the following:

Decision Makers
Guests must have a title of CISO, CSO, Architect, Director, or VP of cybersecurity, information security, or cyber risk.  Compliance can be included, but not as the solo title. (Example – VP of Compliance does not count, VP of Risk and Compliance does)

At Enterprise Companies

The target must have the above title at a company with 1000 or more employees.

  • Companies with 500 – 1000 employees will pay $100.
  • Companies with less than 500 will not payout.
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