Brian Rowe

Brian Rowe


Currently serving as the Director of Information Security & IT at Rehrig Pacific Company, Brian is a dynamic technology and security executive with exceptional skills in applying technology to transform business operations, driving efficiency and scale in operations, built on a foundation of industry leading security, and leveraging software development experience, information security expertise, & broad business background to enable the highly efficient enterprise. Reputation for big picture thinking while identifying methods to streamline highly detailed data to maximize security posture while still delivering significant ROI to the business–transitioning Information Security and IT from a cost center to a revenue enabler.


The New Normal's New Challenges at Home


Security Awareness

Presentation Overview

The dramatic and sudden shift to remote learning and leveraging video conferencing as a replacement for all manner of social activities has erased the idea of managing screen time for kids or slowly managing the entrance of our kids into the complex world of connected devices. At Rehrig, we began a conversation about how to help our employees, including those with very little comfort in technology, to evaluate and work through these challenges at home–believing that improving that awareness not only improved home life, but also would materially, if incidentally, improve the overall security of the enterprise. We have barely scratched the surface, though, and it would be significantly beneficial to hear what other leaders are doing to address this–whether in their own homes or facilitating discussion for the home lives of their respective employees.

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