All Star

The All-Star Program Overview

ICI Events provides value to the cybersecurity community by putting talented cyber leaders, authors, and influencers in front of our event audiences.  We hope that you feel pride in having been invited to this program with ICI Events, but we are simply humble brokers between your contribution and the cyber community that will be impacted by it.

ICI Events does not offer paid keynote and breakout contracts, but we do buy author’s books for our guests and pay for travel and hotel stays for our All Stars.

All Star

We get it.  If that is the case, you most certainly have earned it.  ICI Events focuses on growth opportunities not only for our guests but also for our All Stars.  Thus, we prefer that the value you get from the show is equitable to the value you provide and that is how we keep costs down for the show sponsors.

We will buy 1 book for every targeted Registrant.  That means we will buy 100 for our showcases and 40 for our roundtable events.  We request a quote be placed in the All-Star registration page for submission.

We budget $600 for your travel.  But, we honestly aren’t that picky.  We want you to be comfortable.  If you spend $800-900 so you can fly first class, we got you!

Unless we specifically contacted you for a mainstage presentation, you will be presenting in a breakout session, up against 1-2 other All Stars at the same time.  That way everyone can pick the show that brings them the most value.

However, you will likely be asked to present the value of your show to the whole audience before the breakouts, so please be prepared with 1 slide to share that value.

Yes!  Please do plan to stay 30 minutes after the show to sign books.  That will be called out in the schedule.

We would LOVE you to enjoy yourself and grant you any VIP access we offer for the event.

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